Well I Am Busy

   I am knitting away on a Sunday pattern Fisherman's Daughter a beautiful
cabled pullover and I can not knit fast enough. I have also on the needles a  
shawl and a cabled hat. These are my go to projects. I also purchased 5 new
 patterns and two of them I cannot wait to get on the needles. Must not get 
ahead of myself, though. I love knitting with my furry friends.
  My pit bull x, Bozer is enjoying being in with me and out for short walks
 on the leash. He is slowly coming along as he was abused for 18 months. Total
handful when I adopted him. He was crated that whole first period of his life
by epic idiots and allowed to jump or lunge at people. When this happens,
 yelling begins and Bozer becomes terribly confused. I understand his confusion
and deal with that as something very hard to break. It has now become a matter
 of I must protect Bozer and plan ahead. His learning curve has grown by leaps 
and bounds. It is calming for him to be in with me. Having him is knowing and
understanding that Bozer will be a Special Needs boy and I am up for that now.
Bozer is also very loving now knowing he is safe.
  My Bengal cat, Twinkle is sunning herself today and purring away. Smart little
'I'll do it myself' girl set her boundaries on her own when Bozer arrived in
the house. Now, she will start play-games with him and they drive me nuts. It
is too hard to say "Enough" when I am laughing so hard.
  Well back to my knitting.../

Pits, Bengals, and Yarn

Hello, and please stick with me; I am new at this blog idea. I am a knitter with a Pit Bull/? Boxer x and he is gorgeous, dorky, funny and loves me undoubtedly. I rescued Bo at 18 months old. He was abused and has some learning difficulties. He was crated for all the months the couple had him before they gave him up. And hit hard and emotionally scared. Dante was his name. We did not like that and he liked just Bo.

I had Twinkle, my Bengal kitty. Very smart, full of it, happy, and just crazy about me and my yarn. Twinkle introduced Bo to the yarn frolic, really my baskets of stash. Twinkle sits on my lap purring while I knit. Bo is kind of napping and watching us. Then he comes over to lie down near me. Within 20 minutes the yarn, my needles are pulled from me, Twinkle jumps at Bo’s wagging tail draped with the yarn from my knitting and tangled paws drag otherĀ  projects are caught in his paws and Twinkle is cat batting his paws. Bo needs to go out but now it’s fun. I give chase attempting to say, No, Stop, Wait a minute. Every night this occurs.

My project is a pullover with hood. More projects are lined up. Please leave a comment. IĀ  will hope to become more interesting.